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A public hearing is being held in Easton tonight by the Connecticut Siting Council.  Homeland Towers LLC and Verizon Wireless are seeking to build a cell tower at 515 Morehouse Road.  The 157-foot faux branch top tower has a stealth monopine design. 


The public hearing is at 7pm at the Easton Library community room. 


Easton requested a telecommunications coverage assessment by the Siting Council in 2012, and it found that parts of Routes 58, 59 and 136 didn't have coverage.  Emergency officials identified that as a safety concern since the area included schools and the senior center. 


A tethered, helium balloon will be floated at 1 pm at the proposed height at the Morehouse Road site so the siting council can look at it during a field meeting review at 2 pm.  An evidentiary hearing at 3 pm in the library community room for the applicants to answer questions from the Siting council. 


The public hearing will close July 20th, with a decision deadline of October 9.

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