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Himes discusses health care legislation at Fairfield County town hall meeting

Lawmakers are returning this week from their July Fourth recess with another vacation break just three weeks away.  Many spent time listening to constituents vent about health care, including 4th District Congressman Jim Himes.  He says the Affordable Care Act did some good things including expanding coverage, and not turning people away if they have pre-existing conditions.


But Himes says it has issues.  He notes that any significant piece of legislation must be amended and changed to deal with problems that come up.


Himes says improvements that can and should be made, especially when it comes to private exchanges and individual markets.  He says the ACA became so hated by the opposition that the answer became repeal rather than repair.


Himes says the measure under consideration in the Senate is really a tax bill, not a health care bill.  Meanwhile, Senator John McCain said now may be the time for Republicans to come up with a new proposal with support from Democrats. 

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