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Newtown state Representative Mitch Bolinsky is frustrated with his colleagues over the lack of a state budget more than two months into a new fiscal year.  He says the state must live within its means, as all households in Connecticut must do. 


He called for a change in the way state government operates, leveraging technology and capturing efficiencies for a more responsive, taxpayer-centric State.  Bolinsky called this the witching hour; time to find a new spell that reduces spending by way of structural changes and pension reform. 


Newtown will see educational cost sharing dollars zeroed-out and municipal aid cut by 99% under the Governor's executive order.  He says a lame-duck Governor wielding executive order authority and a majority party that refuses to present a budget is nothing short of legislative malpractice. 


In response to the Governor's Budget Chief asking towns for information if they'll need extraordinary help, Bolinsky said that educational cost sharing and municipal aid are not a gift.  He noted that they are a fraction of tax dollars returned to Newtown to compensate for the state's overbearing educational mandates and payment in lieu of taxes on state properties that do not actually pay local property taxes. 

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