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A public hearing is being held in Bethel tonight about proposed renovations to Rockwell Elementary School and Johnson School.  Superintendent Christine Carver told the Board of Finance at their last meeting that school construction funding is separate from education cost sharing grants and may not be affected by the state budget stalemate. 


The State office of School Construction has said they remain supportive of Bethel's plans.  Rockwell was built in 1971 and Johnson in 1980.


About 45-percent of the $68 million renovations could be eligible for state reimbursement.  A referendum has to be held before November 15th in order to be eligible for the priority list.  The resolution for a referendum could be written in a way that says going forward with the project is contingent on the state funding.  There would be an "out clause" so the town wouldn't be responsible for the full $68 million if the state funding doesn't come through.


Tonight's public hearing is at 7 o'clock in the Bethel High School auditorium.

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