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Mosquitoes trapped in Monroe test positive for West Nile

Mosquitoes trapped at the Garder Road trapping station in Monroe on September 18th tested positive for West Nile virus.  These results represent the first mosquitoes identified in Monroe by the State this year as being positive for West Nile. 


Although it is late in the season, mosquitoes will continue to be active until the first hard frost. 


State Mosquito Surveillance Program Director Dr. Philip Armstrong advised residents to take precautions to avoid mosquito bites.


• Weather permitting, wear long sleeves, socks and closed-toe shoes, long pants, light colors and a hat that protects your head.

• Use insect repellent. If you're also using sunscreen, put it on first, about 20 minutes before applying the repellent. Treat clothing and outdoor gear with repellent. Check the product label for specific application instructions.

• Reduce mosquitoes around your home. Eliminate standing water, where mosquitoes breed. Unclog roof gutters. Empty children's wading pools and change water in birdbaths at least weekly. Get rid of old tires or items that may collect water in your yard.

• Repair any tears in the screens on your windows, doors and camping gear, use mosquito netting over strollers and cribs or when sleeping outdoors.

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