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It is likely to take several months before there's a ruling by the state Supreme Court on Connecticut's appeal of a lower court decision that the state's education funding system is unconstitutional and irrational.  Associate Attorney General Joseph Rubin argued that the Superior Court Judge over stepped his authority.


The constitution leaves it up to the legislative and executive branches to come up with how to fix these problems as long as the approach is reasonable.  Rubin argued that just because the results are not yet where they're desired, that doesn't mean the approach is unreasonable.


Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding President, Newtown Selectman Herb Rosenthal, says they brought the suit 11 years ago in hopes of getting lawmakers to create a rational plan for funding for schools.


Rubin argued against the trial court saying it would dictate new policies for financing, special education, and teacher qualification and compensation.  He called the task subjective and noted that the plaintiffs don't agree with some of the ruling.  

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