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The 2017 Walk of Honor Warrior Award recipient is U.S. Army Specialist Daniel Hayes Jr. 


Hayes served during Operation Desert Storm and was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Achievement. While maneuvering behind enemy lines, Hayes’ unit faced friendly fire while enemy infantry as all around their position.  They were ordered to prepare foxholes, but as his team began to dig in they realized in 120-degree heat and full Army kit they may not make it in time.  Hayes, at his own peril, removed all of his own protective gear and began digging foxholes one at a time while his fellow soldiers covered him with protective fire.


Hayes continued his heroism after he returned to the states. He rescued a woman from a burning vehicle after coming upon a motor vehicle accident.  Hayes also serves as director of the Danbury War Memorial and Director of Veteran Affairs for Danbury.


A poetry contest was added this year.  4th and 5th graders from King Street Intermediate School wrote poems entitled “What is a Veteran”. Medals will be awarded to the top poems in each grade.


Presentations will take place at the 10th Annual Walk of Honor on Sunday October 15th at the Danbury War Memorial at noon.  A one-mile walk will follow the ceremony.

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