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Dozens of drivers disregard Danbury parking ban during storm

Danbury Police had dozens of cars towed yesterday, more than 50 by noon, in an effort to have a clear path for snow plows.  Danbury upped the snow emergency to a Level 2 with travel not recommended during the height of the storm yesterday afternoon. 


Extra Connecticut State Troopers were on the roads yesterday during the storm.  From 6am yesterday through 6 this morning, Troopers responded to 1492 calls for service.  They assisted 441 motorists and responded to 89 accidents.  11 of the crashes resulted in injuries and there were no fatalities.  Troopers also made 1 DUI arrest.


Danbury firefighters are asking residents to help them after the storm.  If there is a hydrant on your property, or you know of one nearby, the Fire Department is calling on people to shovel a 3-foot radius around it.  If they can't see or get to a hydrant, it takes precious time away from fighting fires.

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