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Wide ranging town hall meeting held by Newtown state delegation

Newtown legislators heard residents concerns and suggestions on a number of topics during a town hall meeting held on Monday.  Subjects ranged from job creation and state’s economy, to transportation and infrastructure needs.  Concerns about high taxes and  the state's real estate stagnation were also discussed.  


The Newtown delegation also heard about the need to stem the flow of people moving out of the state as a reaction-to and cause-of many of Connecticut's fiscal challenges.


Representative Mitch Bolinsky says the meeting will help guide his legislative efforts and influence his votes on committee proposals.  As a member of the Appropriations subcommittee working on the state budget, Bolinsky says he tries to fight for Newtown's needs and values. He also represents Newtown's interests on the Education Committee. 


Representative JP Sredzinski said this is a deeply uncertain time for Connecticut, especially when it's unknow whether the state will have sufficient revenue to fund current spending levels.  He wants to work to trim the size of government while also growing the tax base.

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