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Lawmakers consider bill to increase property tax credit for volunteer first responders

Kent State Representative Brian Ohler is touting a bill up for a public hearing today, that would allow municipalities to increase their tax relief program for first responders.  The proposal is for people who volunteer in Connecticut as a firefighter, EMT and other similar services.  Tax relief can be an abatement of up to $1,500 in property taxes a year. 


Agreements can be made to provide property tax relief to volunteers who live in one municipality, but volunteer in another. 


The proposal specifically covers firefighters, fire police officer, emergency medical technician, paramedic, civil preparedness staff, active member of a volunteer canine search and rescue team, active member of a volunteer underwater search and rescue team, or ambulance driver in the municipality, or any individual who is a retired volunteer firefighter, fire police officer or emergency medical technician and has completed at least twenty-five years of service as a volunteer.

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