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Danbury is sending seven recruits to the Connecticut Police Training Academy today for training in order to join the Department.


Police officials have said they are understaffed due to a spate of retirements. Danbury was only supposed to have six seats at the academy, but the Chief was able to secure an additional spot. The seven new members were confirmed by the City Council at their meeting Tuesday night.


Danbury received 526 applications for the position of entry level officer, about 200 more than the last recruitment period. They put together a recruitment video, which went viral. Last summer, city officials put out a call for a dozen new officers.

-Daniel Martins is an inspector for a manufacturing company


-Brian Wakean is a Construction Project Manager for various companies


-Emilio Masella is working toward a degree in criminal justice. He is an airman in the Connecticut Air -National Guard where he serves as a base security patrolman


-Daniel Benzing is working toward a degree in Justice and Law Administration


-Sean Ladrigan is a daycare teacher who is certified in first aid/CPR/AED


-Stephen Gruse has been a high school sports team coach, an electrician's helper and farm worker


-Darren Lavale is an automotive technician

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