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A bill allowing consumers to purchase glasses of wine, beer and hard cider from a machine has again cleared the Connecticut House of Representatives Tuesday, 110-to-34. It moves to the Senate, where it failed last year.

Danbury bar owners are among those pushing for the legislation, saying the novelty and convenience of the machines will help lure customers. They can also taste different flavors without having to purchase a full glass.

Opponents fear it could lead to excessive drinking and fewer bartender jobs.

Under the bill, a customer purchases a payment card at a bar after proving they're at least 21. They can obtain up to 32 ounces of beer or cider, or 10 ounces of wine before needing a bar employee to reauthorize the card.


Danbury Representative David Arconti introduced the bill.  He notes that 43 other states allow these types of machines.  He says there's a niche market for this type of produce.  Arconti also touted the bill as a way to help the craft beer industry, which is booming in Connecticut.

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