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The Candlewood Watershed Initiative's Annual Soil Testing Day takes place on Saturday.  Lawn and garden soils are being accepted for lab analysis of nutrient content to determine if fertilization is necessary and, if so, in what quantities and with which nutrient supplements.  Residents from throughout the Candlewood Lake Watershed can drop by one of two sites to receive a free Soil Testing Kit and directions on its use. 


The distribution will take place in New Fairfield at Stop & Shop and at the Sherman IGA, 9am to 3pm. 


The Candlewood Lake Authority says two-thirds of those participating in the past found that no additional phosphorus was needed.  The CLA says it's a significant finding in light of the potential harm that can result if storm water transports excess nutrients and pollutes lakes and streams.  The nutrients can contribute to the growth of algae, milfoil and other invasive aquatic plants and do similar damage to the ecosystem.

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