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Water pressure has been restored to all of Danbury. Residents are still asked to boil water before using if on City water. Showering is fine, but bottled water should be used for brushing teeth.  The requirement on boiling water should be lifted by tomorrow.

About a third of the City lost water Tuesday.

A part had to be manufactured in upstate New York and flown to Danbury in order to fix the massive water main leak.


(Photos: @MayorMark)


A valve broke off a main in the area of Tamarak and Hayestown late Monday.  The work to fix the problem included digging up the area around the break, shut off water ahead of the broken valve, replace the valve and then replace any broken pipe.



Mayor Mark Boughton says the water couldn't initially be shut off and the city lost millions of gallons.  The Danbury Health Department asked residents yesterday afternoon to voluntarily limit water usage over the next 48 hours.

Boughton acknowledged that the infrastructure on that side of the city is pretty old.  There was no construction in the area at the time.  He speculated that the warming temperatures moved the earth just a bit and cause the valve to snap.  While he was surprised by the severity, Boughton says they do see a number of water main breaks in that general vicinity.


Tanker trucks were filled and on standby in case of emergency.  The leak affected Danbury Hospital, which was operating yeterday with a limited water supply.

The Danbury War Memorial has been made available for residents to take a shower.  Bottled water will be available for pickup at Danbury Fire headquarters on New Street for residents who have been impacted by this water main break.


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