Local Headlines
Redding residents will be voting on a budget on May 8th.  The proposed municipal budget for the coming fiscal year is $49.8 million, and includes Redding's share of the Region 9 school budget. 
Residents will also be asked to approve the Region 9 budget of $24.4 million.  Redding's share is $13.5 million while Easton residents are being asked to pay $10.9 million.  The break down is based on enrollment percentages from each municipality. 
Absentee ballots for the Redding and Region 9 budget referendum are now available at the Town Clerk's Office.  An application must be delivered to the Redding Town Clerk, and the ballot will then be given to the applicant.  A family member can be designated to pick up and return the ballot.  Since this referendum is being held with less than 3 weeks notice, absentee ballots cannot be mailed by the town clerk. 
The absentee application can be downloaded from the town of Redding's website.  Completed absentee ballots may be either hand-delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office, but must be received no later than May 8th.  Special hours will be held on Saturday May 5th from 9am to 11am.
Voting will be held at the Redding Community Center on May 8th.