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Danbury, Ridgefield get waivers from state Board of Ed to 180 day rule

The State Board of Education has authorized waivers for Ridgefield and Danbury to the mandate of having 180 days of schools, but that approval comes with a caveat.  Danbury will be granted two different waivers. 


Hayestown and Pembroke Elementary and Broadview Middle schools will fall two days short of the requirement, so next school year will have to be 182 days long.  The other schools in the Danubry District will go 181 days next year. 


Ridgefield will only have 179 this school years and therefore the High School must hold 181 days of classes next school year. The Superintendent considered holding classes on Memorial Day for 10th through 12th graders, who are the only ones not meeting the 180 rule, but there were concerns about buses transporting students on a parade day so it was not a viable option as a makeup day.  There also was not likely enough staff available to safely supervise students on Memorial Day.  

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