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Redding officials gather feedback on potential plastic bag ban

Redding officials are looking into whether there should be a ban on plastic shopping bags, and eventually straws.  First Selectman Julia Pemberton has put a poll up on the town's Facebook page to garner feedback on if residents would support such a ban.  The poll ends in two days and by this morning had more than 500 votes. 


Westport was the first to ban plastic bags in Connecticut. Greenwich has joined them.  Beyond bags, Starbucks was the first major food seller to announce an end of plastic straws by 2020. 


Pemberton says most of Redding’s recyclable trash, via the regional trash authority Housatonic Resources Recovery Association, and HRRA’s contracted hauler, is either incinerated or sent overseas to China.  China is the largest purchaser of recyclable waste, and waste in general, from the US.  Pemberton says China recently enacted stricter regulations, rejecting more shipments of recycled materials for contamination.

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