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Aquatic Invasive Species inspections on Candlewood Lake this weekend

Connecticut will mark its third Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Weekend by partnering with the Candlwood Lake Authority on education and inspection sessions.  DEEP is encouraging boaters this weekend to take steps to prevent the spread of invasive plants and animals.  DEEP staff will be at the Lattins Cove and Squantz Cove boat launches on Candlewood Lake, educating boaters about clean and safe boating practices and conducting Aquatic Invasive Species inspections.


DEEP staff will be at the launches from about 7am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday. 


Many aquatic invasive plants form dense mats just under the water surface, which can be hazardous to recreational boaters and swimmers.  Zebra mussels, a problematic invader, have colonized several lakes and ponds in Western Connecticut. 


DEEP encourages boaters to use the Clean, Drain, Dry method to help prevent the spread of invasive species among water bodies.  The method involves a boat inspection to remove aquatic plants and animals as well as mud or other debris from the vessel.  Boaters should then drain any water collected from that water body.  The boat should then dry for a minimum of 1 week in hot/dry weather or 4 weeks in cool/wet weather. 


Fishing gear and shoes should also be put through these steps.

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