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Lakes Awareness Week marked in Connecticut

This was Lakes Awareness Week in Connecticut.  Danbury State Representative David Arconti requested the proclamation from the State. 


He says in western Connecticut and across the State, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are some of the most important natural resources.  Arconti says it's important to find more ways to support them and groups like the Connecticut Federation of Lakes, who advocate on behalf of inland water resources. 


The Candlewood Lake Authority hosted an on-the-water meeting yesterday.  Representatives from several lakes briefed Arconti and New Milford State Senator Craig Minor on the current status of these issues and on the efforts locally to address them.


Candlewood Lake turns 90 this year.  The man-made lake was created in 1928. 


The Connecticut Federation of Lakes says often AIS are introduced into Connecticut lakes by boaters that unknowingly transport invasive aquatic plant fragments on boat propellers, in bilges, or on trailers. 


CLA Chairman Phyllis Schaer says shoreline development and recreational uses contribute to added stress that can affect water quality and the health of lakes.  But she noted that this can be counteracted by good lake stewardship practices to minimize erosion and restore shoreline vegetation where ever possible.  

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