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Redding residents weigh in on poll about plastic bag ban idea

Redding residents voting in a poll on the town's Facebook page overwhelmingly said they would support a ban on plastic shopping bags.  The week-long poll garnered more than 700 votes, with 76-percent in favor and 24-percent opposed. 


First Selectman Julia Pemberton said in the posting that it was being conducted as a way to gather feedback from a large number of people. 


Westport was the first to ban plastic bags in Connecticut, followed by Greenwich--though there is an exception for grocery stores.  Pemberton noted that paper may have more of a carbon footprint, but plastic has long lasting impacts and there is no one right answer. 


She says Redding has been at the forefront of the environmental movement with open space preservation and a commitment to clean water.  Permberton noted that most businesses in town use paper.  She added that businesses would have to be part of the future discussion because town officials don't want to make it more costly to do business in Redding.

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