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Brookfield Craft Center receives $143,000 in grant funding

The Brookfield Craft Center has received $100,000 in grant money. Executive Director Howard Lasser says a foundation, which wanted to remain anonymous, committed to the same donation in each of the next two years.  The Craft Center also received $43,000 in other donations for several initiatives.  Some of the overall funding will be used to fund a position that is part "Artist in Residence" and part Education Director. 
The "Center for Modern Craft" will also be outfitted to provide classes in 3D printing, digital photography and other digital skills.  Other grant funding will pay for a patio in front of the Mill building.  Money will also go toward scholarships and youth programs. 
The $43,000 in donations comes from Iroquois Gas Transmission Systems, Maximillian E. & Marian O. Hoffman Foundation Inc., Give Back Brands Foundation, The Womens Club of Danbury / New Fairfield, Savings Bank of Danbury, and Lions Club of Brookfield.  The State of Connecticut Supporting Arts Grant program also contributed to the funding pool.

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