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Brookfield agrees to have Ventura Law provide legal service over opioid crisis

Brookfield has signed on to an agreement to have Ventura Law provide legal services to the town on opioid litigation.  The Danbury-based firm is providing legal service on behalf of other cities and governmental entities.  The services are being provided at no cost to the town.  Ventura Law is looking into the personal and economic loss faced in many locations. 


First Selectman Steve Dunn says representatives are already talking with Police Chief Jay Purcell and will reach out to Brookfield Cares.  Dunn noted that signing the agreement doesn't  obligate Brookfield to the litigation. 


The lawsuit could result in municipalities getting reimbursed for expenses related to the opioid crisis or a share of a general settlement, if one is reached. 


In making the argument for signing on with Ventura Law and not a bigger firm, Dunn said the local lawyers will be more responsive where as another firm doesn't know the town and the community.  He also noted that if they are finding that too much time taken up getting data to the law firm, Brookfield can withdraw from the agreement.

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