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Charter revisions proposed in Ridgefield

The Ridgefield Board of Selectmen is set to vote on a draft report by the Charter Revision  Commission.  One suggestions is that the Inland Wetlands Board be separated from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Supporters say this will reduce potential conflicts of interest while opponents argue it would slow down the application process.  If approved, the Inland Wetlands Board would be made up of 7 elected members serving staggered four-year terms. 


Another suggested revision would require 2-percent of registered voters be present for the Annual Town Meeting to amend budget proposals.  The draft report also recommends that the town treasurer and tax collector become appointed rather than elected positions.  Ridgefield officials and board or commission members, who want to represent clients before a board or commission, would have to seek a waiver from the Board of Ethics under proposed beefed up ethics standards. 


One of the proposed revisions stemmed from an issue on election day.  Some candidates appeared on the ballot for multiple positions.  The recommended change is that a candidate cannot run for more than one office in a given election.


A final report is due back to the Ridgefield Board of Selectmen by August 8th.  Tonight's Board of Selectmen meeting is at 7:30pm.

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