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Design to be formally recommended for Sandy Hook memorial

The Sandy Hook Permenant Memorial Commission is hosting a meeting tonight about the final design selected for the site of the old SAC field.  San Fransisco-based SWA Group designers Dan Affleck and Ben Waldo represented the firm during a presentation meeting.  The design was altered somewhat to take into account for some environmental impact concerns. 




There are accessible ramps throughout the design, including one that crosses over a bridge to a divergence of paths which is characterized by a broad stone bench with a wooden top.  Visitors will be able to either take a wandering route on a gravel path or a direct route to the memorial. 




The center of the design includes a pool of water, with a sycamore tree at its center.  The stone edge of the pool will include the names of the 26 children and educators killed on 12-14.  The firm incorporated the sacred soil from the demolished school and tributes left at the site into the design feature.  Visitors will be encouraged to place a candle in the pool. 




The design featured three main elements.  One is that paths can be considered records of those who have gone before and are no longer there.  Another is the circle water feature, to act as a gathering point. The last is the plantings to represent rebirth. 


The sycamore in the drawing is based on one in Simsbury, near where Affleck grew up in West Hartford. 


The 5-acre site includes some natural elements,including two ponds.  The property consists of a meadow, two baseball fields and several terrace-like areas, along with other open space.  The property abuts Treadwell Park and is not far from the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department, just past Dickenson Drive. 




Tonight's meeting is at 7pm.

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