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After some overcrowding issues at Squantz Pond State Park earlier this summer, police patrols stepped up enforcement.  Police have been issuing tickets and towing vehicles illegally parked on Town roads around the park, which has significantly cut down on the problem. 


First Selectman Pat Del Monaco says her new weekend routine includes driving Shortwoods Road, Beaver Bog Road, Wanzer Hill, past the Park and south on Route 39 several times a day to monitor traffic and parking.  This past Sunday, she saw about 20 illegally parked cars on Knollcrest Road, a town road. 


16 "No Parking" signs were posted along both sides of the road yesterday.  New Fairfield Police will enforce these rules on Knollcrest going forward. However, New Fairfield Officers cannot limit parking or issue tickets to cars parked on private roads or other private property unless the owner reports trespassing.

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