Local Headlines

Bethel officials took a tour of the new police station, which is almost finished being constructed.  The Public Site and Building Committee noted that the contract called for completion by August 31st, so the town will not have to cover the delay. 


Another two to three weeks is needed on the $14.4 million project.  The dispatch center remains unfinished.  Residents approved $13.5  million, but HVAC and plumbing estimates were below actual costs. 


The two-story building will double the size of the existing police station.  An open house will be held after police move into the facility.  Officers and staff will need to be trained on various components of the changes. 


A firing range was built, but residents did not approve money for specialized equipment and that has to be done before it can be used.  Building committee Vice Chairman Nancy Ryan told Selectman Paul Szatkowski that committee worked to cut costs throughout the design and building process.