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Danbury's proposed $102 million Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade and renovation has been made more costly by steel tariffs, according to Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola.  He says anyone looking to do large construction projects in Connecticut is finding an unstable bidding environment. 


He noted that there are a number of factors making estimating costs difficult.  The price of steel is one of those factors.  Iadarola says tariffs and the threat of tariffs have made the price go through the roof, with the full financial impact estimated at 10- to 15-percent. 


13 other municipalities are facing the same state mandate for meeting environmental regulations, and have the same deadline.  Iadarola says that means contractors can chose which project to take on and that puts Danbury in the worst condition as a public entity bidding out a project. 


Danbury residents will decide on bonding in November.  Sewer users will be responsible for repayment, with some state grant funding available.

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