Local Headlines

Bethel officials recently signed off on sending capital expenses to the Board of Finance for approval.  The Finance Board did not approval all of the requested allocation.  First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker asked for $220,000 to replace the highway department garage roof because it was put off for several years.  The other 6 items were approved.  Among them was funding for structural repairs to the sand shed, a generator for the emergency communications tower, pressure washing and painting of municipal buildings and siding replacement.  The Board of Finance also approved a slightly lower request for a needs assessment as part of the Master Plan.  Knickerbocker pulled one item from the request before sending it to the Board of Finance.  Funding for Codfish Hill culvert replacement was pushed off to the next year because the design phase wouldn't leave time for the work to get done.  The project also still needs permitting from the state Department of Natural Resources.