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Danbury Fire Department provides mutual aid to surrounding towns for emergency incidents and sometimes requests reciprocal emergency response assistance from surrounding neighbors for resources and services.  Danbury hosted a meet and greet last night at the training facility to review each other’s rescue equipment.  The idea was discussed when Danbury, Bethel and Brookfield responded to a car accident and incident commanders looked at the compatibility of equipment, along with what specialty equipment each agency carried. 



Rescue trucks were lined up Thursday night on the fire ground with open compartment doors and one by one the group toured each apparatus.


Local agencies have compatible rescue equipment which include air packs, hydraulic tools, and vehicle stabilization equipment. Some had specialty equipment such as a “man-in-machine” kit to remove an object from a person’s extremity or a “Boat in a bag” which can be carried to a body of water and deployed. Bethel, Brookfield, Brewster, Hawleyville, Stony Hill, Sandy Hook, Germantown, and Miry Brook Fire Companies attended. 



They plan to hold future meet and greets with other apparatus types, such as Tankers, Aerials, All Terrain Vehicles, along with hands on training days to create better working relationships with mutual aid partners.

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