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Danbury Town Clerk shares story of visit with George H.W. Bush

A Danbury woman is fondly remembering former President George H.W. Bush.  Town Clerk Jan Giegler has a personal connection to the Bush family and says she was upset to hear of his passing last week.  She says George Bush was like a member of the family and called him outgoing, charismatic and a friend to all. 

Her brother, Ken Raynor, went to school in Maine and worked at a golf course in Kennebunkport.  He got to know Bush decades ago and developed a close friendship; going fishing, golfing and visiting the family compound.  Raynor wrote a book about their relationship titled "I Call Him Mr. President."  It also included stories about a fishing trip in the Arctic, a joint family vacation to Greece and how he was at the White House when the Persian Gulf War was declared.  Giegler says her brother was private about the friendship and she only found out about a lot of the stories after reading the book.

When book released last year, both Barbara and George Bush showed up to a signing event, despite being in poor health, because they had been over to each others homes often. 

When her mother turned 75, her brother arranged with the Bush family to have a surprise gathering at their home in Kennebunkport.  Giegler says her son mentioned to the former President that his Broadview Middle School teacher didn't believe he was missing school because he was going to the Bush home.  Mr. Bush walked her son into his bedroom and pulled out a tie clip from his jewelry box and gave it to Jeff to show to his teacher.

Giegler says it's going to be different in Maine now without Barbara and George Bush.  Her brother went to Houston for Barbara's funeral and will be at the funeral in Washington D.C. today.

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