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Outgoing Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Michael Bzdyra is discussing the reduction in wait times at some DMV branches, and where work is still needed.  They do allow for adjustment at the different branches if front line employees see a way to readjust the layout or make other changes to better serve customers.  He says as long as the executive team sees data and evidence that the adjustments make sense, they will be made. 

Bzdyra continues to encourage DMV customers to use online service and says part of the long wait times is a behavioral component with people still going in person to a branch rather than getting done what they need to online. 

He gave an example of a relatively new service available online.  For a person whose license is suspended due to an unpaid ticket, they can go online, pay the ticket and get their license restored. 

Various forms are available online which can be printed and filled out saving time at the branch location.  People can also go online to schedule a road test or learner's permit testing.  Customers can also renew registrations, pay emission test late fees, order special license plates, replace damage plates and cancel plates and registrations.  Online services also include the ability to reprint registration certificates and checking Property Tax, Insurance, Emissions and Other Compliance Issues.

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