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New Fairfield First Selectman Pat Del Monaco is looking to bring some clarity to the type of issues the town hopes to address with the anti-blight ordinance up for a vote tomorrow.  Over the past week, Del Monaco says she's read comments on social media and spoken with residents who are skeptical that dangerous blighted properties exist in New Fairfield. 

She posted photos on the town's Facebook page of abandoned blighted properties in town, which she called attractive nuisances.  Del Monaco says the properties present health and safety concerns to neighbors because of vandals, squatters and other issues. 

The proposed ordinance provides special considerations for those who are elderly, disabled or low income and unable to complete repairs on their own. It also requires a written complaint, an investigation, a hearing, and a plan including a timeline for remediation before any action can taken by the Town. 

The vote on Saturday is from noon to 8pm at Meeting House Hill School.

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