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The annual Bethel High School Navy JROTC Christmas tree pick up will be held Saturday January 12th.  Bethel residents can support the Navy JRTOC with a $10 donation, which will go toward Educational Programs for the cadets.  The high schoolers will pick up trees to be recycled, mulched and taken to a local farm.  Participating residents are being asked to leave trees out by 9am because trucks will be out picking them up between 9am and noon.  The snow date is Sunday from noon to 3pm.  Any Bethel residents interested in helping the cadets should E-mail BETHELNJROTCBOOSTERS@GMAIL.COM or after 6pm call 203-794-8600 Ext. 1101, and leave a message with your Name, Address & Phone #.  Participants can make checks out to “Bethel NJROTC Boosters” and leave in an envelope taped inside a storm door or other accessible area.