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Congresswoman backs bill to stabilize Social Security

5th District Congresswoman Jahana Hayes has cosponsored a bill, along with Connecticut Congressman John Larson to expand Social Security.  The Secure 2100 is aimed at keeping Social Security solvent, and ensure that every dollar of promised benefits will be paid in full and on time through the rest of the 21st century.  Hayes says it' not an entitlement because American workers have paid into it for years and believes those funds should be available in retirement. 

Hayes added that if Social Security were to go away, the demand for other benefits would increase. 

Larson says the legislation would be the most significant update to Social Security since 1983,increasing benefits and strengthening the Trust Fund.  The proposal features a more generous benefit and cost-of-living adjustment formula.  The minimum benefit, which Larson says has eroded since its enactment in 1972, is increased so that Americans aren't forced to retire into poverty after a lifetime of work and contributing.

The measure was introduced Wednesday, on what would have been President Franklin D Roosevelt's 137th birthday.  FDR established Social Security as part of his New Deal in 1935.   

63 million Americans receive Social Security benefits today, including Gold Star families, seniors and others.

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