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Candlewood Lake Authority looks to educator homeowners about driveway salting

The Candlewood Lake Authority is hoping to work with municipalities, private contractors and residents across the Watershed to help improve road salt application. 

Once the salt put down on roads during winter storm events gets into fresh water, it can have adverse effects on the quality of the ecosystem. CLA says it can also hurt fish populations, and prevent growth of important native plants that provide food for all sorts of organisms in the water. 

They cited information from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that one coffee mug full of salt is enough to de-ice a 20 foot driveway, and say it can be easy to use too much salt. Too much salt can also hurt the sensitive pads on pets’ paws too, CLA called on owners to help protect their feet by minimizing salt use. 

To help conserve salt and protect Candlewood Lake, CLA also suggests sweeping up remaining salt crystals after the ice has melted and re-use them next time because their melting-ability remains.