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Danbury Police Explorers raise $29,000 to buy to passenger vans

The Danbury City Council has approved accepting two passenger vans for the Police Explorers program.  After fundraising over the last two years, the Explorers purchased a 2011 and 2012 van, each of which can hold 12 people.  Both vehicles were inspected and are roadworthy. 

The addition to the fleet this month will greatly reduce issues they've had in the last few years.  The Explorer's 2000 Chevy Express van died in 2017. 

The group says they still have transportation needs, as there are over 130 registered youth on the roster.  During the Memorial Day Parade for example, 115 Explorers helped out and they had to make multiple trips to place and pick them up before and after the event.  They also some times help at multiple events simultaneously.  Over the last few years, the Explorers had to hire a school bus for trips to the annual Cadet Police Academy at the University of Hartford. 

The donation of two vans is valued at $29,000.