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Brookfield officials caution residents to phone number spoofing calls

Brookfield officials have received reports again recently of telemarketing solicitation calls with a “caller ID” of the Town of Brookfield.  Officials are cautioning residents to be aware and careful about any calls received. 

This is a relatively new form of robocall called spoofing where scammers and telemarketers can make it seem like they're calling from a local phone number. 

Town officials urged residents to take care of their personal information, and use resources like the FCC's information guides to stop unwanted calls, or the National Do Not Call Registry when applicable. 

There were also reports of door-to-door solicitation about companies that had no prior authorization from the town of Brookfield.  Businesses are required to first visit town hall and submit their identification to apply for a solicitation permit. If someone cannot or will not show a permit, residents are being asked to report them to Brookfield Police using their non-emergency line.

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