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Danbury officials look to crack down on litter, circulars

The Danbury City Council is looking to crack down on litter.  One of the problems they're hoping to tackle is flyers, circulars and other paper that's left near people's driveways. 

An ad hoc committee met on the issue last week.  They were looking into whether the City's current litter ordinance is strong enough or if a new law is needed.  The group wants an ordinance worded in a way that the penalty for disobeying it will act as a preventative measure to offenders. 

Some Council members are concerned that unsolicited materials are a blight issue, others see it as an environmental concern.  Council President Joe Cavo says there should be a new ordinance that addresses the willful throwing out of paper items from cars on to the streets.

Corporation Counsel Robin Edwards says the Unified Neighborhood Inspection Team has the authority to notify offenders, and then if it doesn't stop after a period of time, issue a citation.  The litter law includes a $1,000 maximum penalty for each offense.

There is a similar proposal being considered this session in the General Assembly.