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A local lawmaker has introduced a bill to make access to diaper changing tables more equitable.  In order to improve the health and safety of children, all new and substantially renovated buildings with public restrooms would be required to provide at least one diaper changing table to women and men per floor. 

Bethel Senator Will Haskell says in the 21st century, parenting is finally becoming more equitable with mothers and fathers sharing responsibilities.  He says if changing tables are available, it's only in women's restrooms.  Haskell says that makes it inconvenient for fathers alone or same-sex male couples to provide for the health and safety of their child.  Men are forced to change their child on unsanitary counters or delay changing the diaper, which can lead to rashes and infections for the child. 

States like California, New York, Oklahoma and Washington have similar laws on the books.  Federal action was taken in 2016 when the Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation, or BABIES Act, was signed into law.  It required diaper changing tables in all public federal building bathrooms, including courthouses and post offices.

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