Local Headlines

The Brookfield Board of Selectmen recently got an update on the Four Corners Streetscape work.  Project Manager Greg Dembowski says Phase 3 construction is expected to start in about a month.  All of the funding is already in place.  What's unique about this part of the work is that it includes a pocket park, in addition to the sidewalk and lighting installation.  There will also be another crosswalk to the Still River Greenway.

Phase 4 would be the final portion of the project.  It would go from Agora restaurant and running to the Enclave project, and eventually ending at Newbury Village. 

Three underground utility crossings were installed during Phases 1 and 2.  Dembowski says if town officials ever want to eliminate utility poles on the opposite side of the main backbone, north and south, the conduit is already in place.

There's a small complication with Phase 4 designs though.  Dembowski has been in talks with the developer of the Enclave project.  For the sketch to work as designed, they also need to work with the state.  The Enclave project includes a sidewalk, but there's a lot of ledge and it's 16 feet above elevation.  The developer wants to have the project done by next year.  He offered to install the sidewalk for the portion of Phase 4 running by the property, if the right-of-way is granted.