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Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton has announced a location for the world's largest Uncle Sam statue.  The Danbury Fair memorabilia will stand at the Danbury Railway Museum off Patriot Drive.  It's near Leahy's, the longtime sponsor of the Fair.

Work starts today to get the site ready for the refurbished statue. 

Boughton says the face has been changed a bit, to make him look more welcoming.  When the fiberglass structure was put on the bed of the towing truck to leave Magic Forest Amusement Park, its arm was too tall to fit under highway overpasses.  The hand was cut off, but has since been reattached.  Boughton says they've also attached a walking stick.  The original structure was damaged, but it's now been fixed. 

(Photo: Mark Boughton)

A lot of the funding needed to get this project through to completion came in the form of in-kind donations.  Mariano Brothers has done all of the hauling, Rizzo is doing the lighting and Boughton says a local company is donating the concrete for the foundation.  FuelCell Energy, the Ecuadorian Civic group and others donated money.  A GoFundMe page also raised several thousand dollars. 

The statue will be erected at the beginning of next month and an unveiling event will be announced.

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