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Newtown residents are voting on a budget today.  There's $42.1 million on the municipal side, $78.1 for the schools.  There are also advisory questions on the ballot.

Residents will also be voting on four capital items including $1 million for road paving. 

$783,000 is being requested for a boiler and lighting at Hawley School. The current boiler is a steam system that runs inefficiently.   $2.7 million for boilers and lighting at the High School is also being sought.  The current boilers are over 49 years old.  Replacement to high efficiency boilers, along with re-piping part of the facility to forced hot water, will provide energy savings and better environmental controls. This will involve a conversion from oil to natural gas.  Demolition, abatement and tank removal is planned.

There's a question about $290,000 for pickleball courts at Fairfield Hills.  The allocation will be offset by a donation of $25,000.  Four new pickleball courts with lighting infrastructure, for the future addition of lighting, will be fully fenced.  The facility will be located adjacent to the Community Center, Glander fields and the Emergency Operations Center. Site work will be completed by Parks and Recreation.

Parking, which will be 20 lined spaces, currently exists behind Cochran House.  A pavilion and bathrooms also already exist or will be a component of the Community Center project.  The new courts will have a 20 year warrantee against cracking or structural issues and will have a service life of greater than 30 years.

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