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Autism Awareness Day at the Capitol was held last week, with the focus on the journey into adulthood.  Newtown Representative JP Sredzinski, who is the stepfather of a child with Autism, says he is advocating for policies that make this transition more empowering for ASD individuals and less challenging for their families. Priority areas include early intervention, employment, family supports, housing, and education. 

Sredzinski cosponsored a bill enhancing Department of Developmental Services transitional services for Medicaid coverage despite family earnings.  The bill passed unanimously in the House and sent to the Senate for a vote. 

Sredzinski is also touting unanimous House passage of a bill aimed at improving communication between persons with Autism and law enforcement officers.  The DMV, upon request by a person with ASD, would be given a blue envelope for their drivers license, registration and insurance card.  The measure was sent to the Senate for a vote.

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