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A proposal about public safety and the welfare of repeat juvenile offenders and their victims has passed out of a Connecticut legislative committee.  It requires the automatic transfer to criminal court of a case of a juvenile charged with larceny involving theft of a motor vehicle.  Bethel Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan says this is for a juvenile with at least four prior adjudications or convictions for a felony.  Allie-Brennan says he supports the concept, but would like more details. 

The proposal would also change the factors a court must consider when determining whether to transfer a case involving a juvenile charged with certain felonies.

The pop-out crime proposal is modeled after a law in California, with enhanced penalties if it's an emergency vehicle or has a handicap sticker.  Teen car theft arrests were just 300 back in 2016, but jumped to about 800 last year according to state officials. 

Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano's proposal would establish a community-based diversion program that provides services and resources to rehabilitate and redirect youthful offenders.

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