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An electric glider has crashed into the roof of a Danbury home.  Fire officials say the pilot suffered minor injuries yesterday shortly before 6pm. 

Three people in the home at the time were not injured, but taken to the hospital for evaluation as a precaution.  Neigbors rushed inside to check on the occupants and pilot.  They found the man wandering around the attic with minor cuts and looking for his glasses.

The glider plane took off from Danbury Municipal Airport and lost power over the Golden Hill Avenue, forcing it into an emergency landing.  The glider hit a home not far from Danbury High School. 

The battery operated craft glides most of the time, using the battery for to take off, and if needed in flight.  The pilot, a Danbury businessman who officials have not publicly identified, left the airport between 10am and noon.  The call to the control tower around 5:45pm was garbled and the connection lost.

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