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The Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education has reviewed spending plans for the four Connecticut State Universities, the community colleges and Charter Oak.  The plans for WestConn, Eastern, Central and Southern would have resulted in deficits of $7.5 million.  For the community colleges, that figure was $19.6 million. 

The  shortfalls were the result of increases in salary costs because of the union agreement and increases in fringe benefits.  The increases were not fully offset by the increase in state budget funding for the coming year.  The spending plans were accepted by the board, on the condition that reserve funds at the community colleges be limited to $8 million.

The Board has signed off on a program change at Western Connecticut State University.  The Board approved the suspension of the Earth and Planetary degree option within the Secondary Education program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree at West Conn. 

The suspension will be in place until the Spring Semester of 2021.

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