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Water quality monitoring resumes on Candlewood Lake

Water Quality Monitoring for 2019 has begun on Candlewood Lake.  The Lake Authority has added a new water quality summary page to their website.  CLA conducts testing and monitoring from May through October each year.  Water clarity was somewhat low in May, which CLA says indicates possible algae growth, solids, a lack of sunlight on sampling days, or a combination of all three. Nutrient measurements were low, including measurements at the bottom of the lake, likely due to high dissolved oxygen and low nutrient loading at the bottom of the lake. 

Monitoring started in 1983 and there have historically been 4 sites tested, along with one on Squantz Pond.  Among other things, they also test water temperature, pH levels, relative Blue Green Algae concentrations, and Chlorophyll-a. 

During monitoring so far they have not found any zebra mussel larvae. 

This was the first month using a new sensor on the water probe.  It returned slightly lower readings than measurements from the lab. CLA officials say comparisons of these to methods will continue to ensure new data can be accurately compared to historical measurements.

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