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The Bethel Religious Display Committee has wrapped up its work and is making recommendations to the Board of Selectmen. 

While there were some areas of agreement, the most controversial topic was only approved when one member abstained.  The group agreed that there should be displays allowed on P.T. Barnum Square and other town owned, town approved property.  They also agreed that displays should only take up 1/3 of the designated area, and 2/3 of the property used for traffic and movement. 

Deciding how locations are assigned was the biggest sticking point. 

The group voted that pre-existing displays, the creche and the atheist banner, would remain in their original spot if they apply in the future.  Remaining areas would be offered to new applications by lottery. 

A suggestion was made that if applications exceed the square footage of available land, all displays would be entered into a lottery.  If an application was not selected, it would be first on the list of the next year.  The motion failed due to a tie. 

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