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The town of Brookfield has hired the contractor for Phase II of the Streetscape project, which will extend improvements on both sides of Federal Road from Best Buys Discount Tires to the former Hearth restaurant.  The town has a grant that covers more than two-thirds of the cost. 

Construction started earlier this month.  Four loads of granite recently got delivered.  Construction should be completed within three months. 

The lowest qualified contract of five that came in was from the same contractor that did Phase I.  The biggest difference between the two sections is a crosswalk with flashing beacons, bus shelter and shrubbery among other amenities.

Phase I of the Streetscape project set the model for future portions. 

Phase III is the first part that will be mostly on a town-owned road, not a state-owned road.  Project Manager Greg Dembowski says that will give Brookfield officials more flexibility on what can be done in order to save money.  He says that could mean narrowing the road or shifting the road to avoid moving a lot of utilities. 

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