Local Headlines

New Milford Police, Parks and Rec and others have been working with Eversource and First Light Power on littering and safety issues at Carlson's Grove and elsewhere.  Additional signage has been posted alerting users that the permitted Park requires a Town Sticker/Proof or residence.  Non-residents must register and pay a permit fee at the Park and Rec office. 

There is no Alcohol or Loud Music allowed.  Video surveillance along with additional police and Park Patrols will monitor the area. 

More garbage cans have also been installed after an inspection turned up broken glass, garbage and human excrement.  New Milford Mayor Pete Bass called it a safety issues that effects residents, animals and the environment.   Anyone not obeying Park Rules will Be removed. 

There are littering and safety issues at the Gaylordsville pull off as well.  It's private property, so New Milford is working with Eversource to put up proper gating and signage.  New Milford Police will also be stepping up patrols to monitor the area, and tow illegally parked cars.